SCR Rules

Dropping / Pulling anyone higher in the Food Chain makes you stronger and more attractive to burds. Getting dropped / trying to keep up with anyone lower means your soul hires a kudos remover to lower your self worth.

- Greg T, Definer of the Food Chain.

Your position in the grand scheme of SCR is determined by your Food Chain Number (FCN). If you drop/pass anyone who looks faster than you (i.e. has a lower FCN) +1 point. If you get dropped by anyone that looks slower than you (i.e. has a higher FCN) -1 point. It couldn’t be simpler!

Some Basic Rules:

  • No Dangerous Manoeuvres – Don’t be a danger to any other road users or yourself. Falling off causes pain to you and others around you, don’t do it! (oh and you lose yer points)
  • Don’t ride like a fool, we’re all just trying to get somewhere!
  • No passing at Lights/Junction/Crossings, if you do, it doesn’t count
  • All passing on open road ONLY. Filtering in traffic is null and void (you know whether you’ve dropped someone fairly, and haven’t turned off straight afterwards)
  • Pavement passes, either you or the target, are void
  • Show no pain, unless your face is just like that


  • Starting FCNs 2-5 (ONLY) can gain points for overtaking the someone of equal FCN as well as Higher Chainers (i.e. lower FCN), due to the reduced numbers of potential prey
  • Recumbents, Tandems and Segways are worth +2 points as a rare bonus
  • Sinclair C5 +20 points as a hens teeth bonus