History of SCR

It’s not a race I’m just riding to work

- ChrisLS, ‘The One Who Spoke’

On the last day of June 2008, words were uttered (well typed) that could not be taken back. The unspoken game had been spoken about and, what’s more, named. Before long the unwritten rules had been written, argued over, scribbled out, thrown away and re-written. The brethren were split, “Heresy!” was cried, but the existence of ‘The Game’ could no longer be denied. Thus, from a single forum post “Silly Commuter Racing” was born.

As if flood gates had been opened, out poured tales of triumph and woe, of challenges laid down and nemeses conquered, of epic battles and bitter defeats.

Still, in these early days, some believed that the new faction could be contained and on ‘the Embankment’ they placed their hopes. All in vain, however, as through word of mouth and the fleet fingers of idle IT workers, the news of SCR spread far and wide. Only on realising that some of the SCR participants had never actually met did the nay-sayers decide not to execute them… oh wait… no… that was “The Postman” starring Kevin Costner. Strange film.

Anyway, now over 500 pages long, the original SCR forum thread continues to run, with fresh SCR tales told daily. New sub-factions have emerged over time: the Fixed/Single-Speeders and even the Cyclo-crossers felt the need to start their own threads, though they have remained part of the larger SCR movement. Today, SCR non-races and social gatherings are occurring at many different locations across the UK and perhaps even further afield.